Sep 3, 2016

S. Cruz Kicks Off Fall Surf Season ...

The Labor Day weekend is traditionally the start of the wave rich fall season in California. True, Fall is a ways off according to the calendar, but optimistic West Coast surfers see the word "September" and basically lose their shit. "The surf could arrive any day now!" is the typical rallying cry.

The year's edition of the big weekend was off to a slow start in Surf City...but what the hell, it can only get better from here, right?  Right???


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Ha! Pretty darn flat!
Good weekend to mow the lawn and mop the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Time for a fall Mat Meet in Santa Cruz soon?
I'm in!
Peter G

Anonymous said...

Was out at Sewer Pipe Monday on the XL last week early morning just as the tide was rising.
Only super-stoked Marty on a board and myself on a mat out the first half hour.
Had a few nice clean ones and watched the wildlife.
Nothing flat about the session!