Aug 30, 2017

From Rob



My Saturday was filled with Joy and friendship, powered by my Vespa RT SS!

Chris got some sweet shots on a beautiful summer morning! The waves where super soft but the Vespa RT SS allowed me to get in early and draw some really fun lines. Ryman and I have been practicing our board/mat party waves 😂! Stay Stoked, I'm sending lots of Positive Vides and Healing Energy my friend! I've got to run, it supposed be better today.

Rob Pollard


tuskedbeast said...

Really cool! Love the glass.
You're blessed to have such a talented pal to shoot these!

Rob Pollard said...

So true, Chris always gets some amazing shots! Chris has played a big part in my introduction to surfing, his pictures have really been a joy to reflect on! The visual feedback they provide has really helped me progress my surfing, and on top of that he's a great friend! I was blessed to stumble upon my home break and be welcomed by veteran surfers like Jim and Ryman also! I wouldn't be a surfer without 4GF's, Paul personally put me on a mat that fit my body type and break giving me the proper sled to shred 🤙🏼! I don't know where I would be without mat surfing, but I count my blessings everyday that I found it! I'm grateful for everyone on Surfmatters, I've mind surfed so many waves with all of you! Keep Spreading the Stoke!