Aug 12, 2017

RIP Eric

RIP Eric Bridges  29/8/1953 -11/8/2017

A true Water Man who Loved and lived life to the fullest! 
Mat Surfer, Kneel Boarder, Spear Fisherman & Soul Bro!

Thalassophile (n.) A lover of the Sea, Someone who loves the Sea and Ocean.

SCUMM Brother & Best Friend. Our Mat Man, Eric 'da bolt 'Bridges, has finally succumbed to his battle with melanoma and slipped away peacefully on Friday night, 6.30 pm.

I had been thinking of him all day at work when his daughter Julie rang me to say that her Dad did not have a lot of time left and that we should head up the following day to say our final farewells. So when I received  another call later that night saying he had finally passed away, there was some relief amongst our tears as we knew that he was finally released from his pain and battle that he had endured the past 10 months.

With all the Love and Support that we could give him, and to make that journey as comfortable as we could, true SCUMM Love for one of our most beloved Friend, Mate and Mentor...Gunna miss you so much my dear friend.

"You might have beat me to the gate, but I will one day join you again soon me a spot in the line up."

RIP my Friend,

Adam Williams

Adam and Eric



misterdirk said...

So intensely sad, yet so intensely beautiful. Eric's vibrant friendships, especially with Adam, were a joy to behold. From all the way on the other side of the planet, in a way he showed me how life might best be lived. RIP EB

Paul Gross said...

The clip of Eric driving to the strains of the Hawaii 5-0 theme may just be the best music video ever produced. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Terrific tribute!

tuskedbeast said...

Heartfelt sympathies to all of Eric's friends and family. It's been a joy to see his here over the years. Thank you Eric.

Rob Pollard said...

The videos and posts here on Surfmatters gave me a portal into Eric's life and allowed me to share in some really Joyous times with the members of SCUMM! I was broken up to hear of Eric's passing and said a prayer for him and his family on my paddle out that morning. Thank you for sharing your Joy with us Eric, please save us all a spot in the lineup!

Anonymous said...

Aloha Eric! Somehow I don't think Da Bolt is resting in peace...I think he's surfing in peace. SIP Mate.