Jan 30, 2018

From Oily

Hey PG,

Hope this finds both you and the Clan all happy and healthy, well mate.

As you may have seen on the interweb highway place, I damaged, and then succeeded in repairing my 4GF Omni mat, “Dabolt.’ This was only made possible with your guidance and some handy hints from Guru Neal Cameron.

The bottom had two main large tears, 2 1/2" x 3" and a small 1” partial tear graze thing. After chatting with you and Neal, I thought it was doable.

After a good cleaning, it was a toss up of either try get masking tape inside on the back of the tear, as you suggested, or attempt Neal’s method of gluing a patch on the inside. I went with glue the patch inside also.

The tears were actually on the edge of weld at the attachment of bottom meets i beam. I used the wet suit glue and worked a treat.  I did get a bit over zealous with the glue, but it looks ok and has been proven 7 days after the crash…  haha.


The lads were impressed when I pulled it out Saturday morning for a slide at a new mat virgin break.

Thanks again for the advise and support you give us SCUMMbags in our endeavor to enjoy and share our stoke of mat riding.




KingWaka said...

Great Report and repair job mate! 10 Qauckers for the repair and the boo boo on your knee.

Geoffrey Levens said...

Nice job on the repair!

Almost hate to admit it but I mostly have preferred mild bodily harm to equipment damage because I did not have to do anything to repair the body. It's mostly been a self-repairing system.

Unknown said...

Good to know this stuff! -Anthony

Rob Pollard said...

I’m so Stoked you where able to save the Omni! Keep the Froth Flowin! Yeeeewwwwwww!

Anonymous said...

McNett Gear Aid Seam Grip is also good for undercarriage repairs... https://www.gearaid.com/products/seam-grip-seam-sealer?variant=28044147153 ...available in Australia at Anaconda outdoor adventure stores.