Jan 26, 2018

From Sam

Hi Paul,

Bondi Surf Bathers Lifesaving Club will be holding an 80th year educational re-creation on 04 February 2018. Apparently, 200 people are going to be "rescued."

SLS Australia don't have it on their official calendar. Related, though, is the annual Stan & Basil Mac relay at Bondi Beach. Stan McDonald started Stan's Beach Hire providing, amongst other things, surfoplanes for beachgoers.

It was his son, Basil, who sent out the surfoplanes on Black Sunday. The Sydney Morning Herald noted Basil as one of the "men who have been mentioned officially for acts of bravery in risking their lives in raging surf to save drowning people" on the infamous Black Sunday in 1938, where five people drowned. The 75th anniversary of the relay was last year.  


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