Aug 23, 2018

From Rob


Our own Rob Pollard, landlocked some 500 miles from the ocean, has replaced carving turns on his mat with carving wood.


I spend my days, in meditation, art, and working out mostly.

I’ve been reading a ton of self help books :). I am Striving to Become more Conscious. I’ve Learned so much just this month and I’m Striving to Implement what I’ve Learned. For me all Spirituality has something to give, but in everything I’ve read, it all leads back to Living in the Present Moment. That’s why mat surfing Helped me to Awaken Spirituality. It shuts off the tool between my ears, and forces me to be in the Present Moment! It’s a work in progress, but I Feel the work will be well worth the Effort! 

I’m really enjoying wood carving...including a swim fin!

I got bite by a spider and a tick, so I haven’t been swimming in a week or so. 


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