Dec 5, 2017

A Treasure Trove From The Irrepressable Rob


Both days where surprising with the forecast calling for 1-2’. These where the most beautiful 1-2’ shore pound waves I’ve seen to date. The NorEasters and Hurricanes have changed the shore line a bit creating a 6-8’ sloping drop off at high tide. This is really giving us some nice shape on the inside.

I had the Standard SS and the Lotus SS with me both days and the froth was high in this group! Enjoy the pictures, some are gopro shots and others are shot with Chris’ Sony A6000.

Positive Vibes and Healing Energy from the Florida Chapter of the 4th Gear Frothers!

Much Love my Friend, get well soon, these waves are for you!

Mat Surfers : Rob and Chris
Body Surfer : Mark
Soft top : Ryman

Yeeeewwwww! Thank you for introducing me to this world! Enjoy and Stay Stoked!

Super Stoked,
Rob Pollard




Dan said...

I wish I was friends with someone who wanted to get surf shots of me like that.

I'm impressed you guys are catching 1-2' waves on a Lotus. I find I need at least a little steepness to get into waves on my Lotus, but maybe those are some steep little waves. If you ever visit SF, drop me a line. We'll have a mat meet.

Rob Pollard said...

Dan, I hope to travel to West Coast sometime next year and I would Love to attend a mat meet! I’ve mat surfed almost every day since getting my first 4GF, sometimes twice, sometimes three times a day, when the swell is on! I’m hopelessly hooked on mat surfing, I enjoy every aspect of it! I only order Super Sport Models of my mats. The fabric is pre-broken-in, and there is a slight amount of reverse rocker built into the mats. That allows them to catch small waves easier, and glide over flat spots better. The difference is noticeable, but no mat can make magic out of really small, broken up surf. The Super Sport models are $300. I feel this custom treatment is worth it’s weight in gold for small smurf. I feel this treatment on each of my mats has allowed me to catch smaller waves earlier and easier. I have also adapted my ”takeoff” in order to get into smaller waves early. Laying all the way out with the mat stretched infront of me (creating a long outline for the wave to lift) I kick into the wave vigorously, as it lifts me I punch the mat under me quickly and do a couple short Dolphin kicks to get me on the mat and in gear. It has taken me a lot of practice to acquire these techniques but it’s been totally worth it! Mats are magic, they capture the moment, that’s a rare commodity these days! Stay Stoked Dan!