Apr 23, 2011

From the Emerald Isle...

Dia duit Paul,

Just a quick update from Ireland...still getting to grips with the Standard. Really stoked with it.

Had it out at a spot that needs a decent 10' swell to go off. Conditions weren't great for boards, but the mats don't care!

All the best,



Anonymous said...

That is the true beauty of the mat! It can go where others can't! Don't call it a day I say go grab your mat and fins and catch some sweet waves! Lovely photo! Nice mat! I have the Vespa Roundtail and I love it!

pat said...

Thanks Rad Mom!
Just back from a low tide session that would crease most boards. No hesitation with the mat in the sandy shorey!
The Vespa is a good allrounder is it?