Nov 20, 2011

Less Is More...Sometimes A Lot More

Neil Pye's wonderful blog Lo-Tech-Hi-Joy had a nice post the other day. Amongst his thoughts was this gem...

"Riding a surfmat is an inward journey that cannot successfully be recounted to others that haven't experienced such subtle heights. To the outsider viewing a surfmat tracking along a wave it appears as if 'nothing' is happening, whereas the reality is that the opposite is true. The rider of the surfmat is deeply fused with the wave and effortlessly makes subtle adjustments to remain so...the more subtle and unnoticed the better. If I had to find an analogy for this, meditation or astral projection would be the best fit but this doesn't really come close!"


n s pye said...

Thanks for the 'attaboy', PG!
At the end of the day, it's your hand-made vehicles that get us all to that magical place!
Thank you again - times two


Growling Gecko said...

Agreed! We collectively bow in honour!

Growling Gecko said...

And eerily, for that previous comment, the word verification was PREBOW!!!