Sep 8, 2012

From JJ ...

Hey Paul!
Here's the trial run of my new POV rig!
(that's the UDT I'm riding... if you're curious).
The combo of south swells over the Labor Day weekend was kind of a bust..size and consistency-wise.
The clip still provides some sensation of speed, even though the "footage" was recorded at 48fps to slow it down a bit.
Dig it!
Take care,


misterdirk said...

Ka Lassic!

(I could see my uncle's house in that shot, too.)

Mateo said...

cool rig JJ! Me and josh rode that spot this swell.. I caught a bomb on my XL thats gonna live in my memory for a long time....

almost ended up in that jetty too on one! what a rush!

daniel said...

Nice set up with the cam great shot