Sep 19, 2012

I Love My Mat!

Hi Paul,
Last month I only had two surf sessions but during both of them I was using a surfmat. In the beginning of August I had my best session in Sweden yet. I used my Standard and had some of the best rides I have ever had. The spot is only rarely good, but that evening everything came together. Just 3 other surfers in the water, wind and waves from the right direction and magical light.
Last weekend I was able to surf there again. This time it was quite crowded and the waves were closing out much more. Although the rides were shorter I had some fun and my wife was so kind to film while I was in the water.
Kind regards

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Piskian said...

Good filming.Try driving west.I live and surfed on the Vesteraelen for 6 months through winter in 2000.Best boulder breaks and nobody around.Still,the least likely spots are the most satisfying,eh?