Oct 13, 2012

From Jonathan...

Hi Paul,

How are you? I see California's been having a good Fall; I hope you've had some fun waves, and things are good for you.

I'm excited to share some photos from a wonderful afternoon this winter. The first is the lineup. This place is (in)famous for these beautiful waves. What's uncommon is how uncrowded it was this day, and on a Sunday no less. I was the only one waiting for the outside waves- by the time you'd flipflop out the back, another gorgeous set might be coming through. Bliss! Second photo is zooming along after the initial drop, with a big, goofy grin.

It was surely one of my top ten mat sessions! I'm stoked the photographer got these.

Continuous thanks for your magic carpets.

Best regards,


Piskian said...

Where's that?I'd take a stab at NZ.Not cold enough for hoods in Oz.

tuskedbeast said...

You got it! And I think the place is probably pretty obvious. It's the easy, gremmie wave of the area, until it gets some size. The other breaks were better, that's one reason why it was uncrowded.

Anonymous said...

"The other breaks were better.."???!!!

Good for you;-)