Nov 1, 2012

From Brett...

Hi Paul,

Been home for a week now and lucked into a swell so it was a good welcome home. I found a couple more shots from holidays that show what it was like, even when it was onshore it was good.

Im already planning my next trip early next year to a place that no one goes and has world class but heavy waves. This trip will require a lot more planning and effort but will be well worth it.

After the taste I had from this last trip I'm frothing to get into some good reef breaks .... there were two days on holidays that I will remember for ever, just me and a very good mate (he was on a short board) at a semi secret location (sorry no pics), it was a solid double over head for the standups, super fast right hand point, we surfed for hours to the point of exhaustion, truly paradise.

The mats got a great response from surfers and locals of which the latter said, "special surfing mattress very simple, very fast, very good," but I think they had there eye on them to have a snooze !

Cheers mate I'll keep you updated


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