Nov 15, 2012

From Rich...

Hi Paul,

We are finally beginning to get back to normal here in Beach Haven. It still looks like a war zone w bay dust and mold in the air everywhere and heavy equipment moving sand, boats and trash constantly. This is a pic from the morning high tide on Bay ave, the main drag through town. Twelve hours later was when the storm did its worst damage w at least two more feet of water. I'm afraid I can't credit the pic as so many people sent me storm pics that I can't remember who took them all.

We are still banned from the beaches here. A few days after the storm was one of the best swells of the year and it went unridden on all of our beaches. I did hear of one young guy that went out and got arrested by M16 toting military types.
Thanks for the mat deck article. I can really appreciate the years R and D that you've gone thru to get to where you are today. So great that you credit Dale too.

thanks for sharing,

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