Nov 25, 2013

From Captain Tom ...

Hey Paul,

Cheers from cold and dreary Germany!

Got back from cool and rainy SF a few days ago and the return red-eye flight.

View from my office...

Now I´m sniffing and coughing away during the worst weather we get in these parts...

Got the ego-cam for my birthday some weeks ago. But haven´t been able to make any decent matflics yet, due to sub-par have conditions and the fact that I somehow resent entering the water looking like a "thing" from a 70s sc-fi movie with weird headgear on and constantly having to fiddle with an electronic gizmo - so I´m only sending you two framegrabs from a slide and a paddle out
at OB, SF.

Hope all is well and that you´re getting into a meditative, measure-cut-place-weld-rhythm during your sale´s production.

Have a happy thanksgiving!


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