Nov 16, 2013

4GF Holiday Sale Memes !!!



From now through the end of the year...all high-end 4GFs are on sale for $25 off!  (Classics will remain at the everyday low-price.)
This will be a rebate sale. $25 will be wired back into your account within 24 hours after orders are received. is the 4GF home site...
The 6 week sale period gives you plenty of time to work around the holiday money crunch!

And if you're in Australia, you can either order from 4GF here in the USA, or contact Neil Pye in the greater Brisbane area, and see what he has in stock. Rattle his cage at .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Warning. Warning. Conspiracy theory ahead. Structurally, the fuselage of the G5 aeroplane (like mentioned in the movie Tropic Thunder) is not dissimilar to a 5GF pontoon - by way of Fibonacci sequence :)