Nov 20, 2014

More From Bretto and Michelle ...

Hi Paul,

We had the most enjoyable trip ever. Here's how it went.

The first place we stayed was a big flash resort, with all the trimmings and family benefits that you would expect from a 5 star hotel, which happens to be in front of a cranking right hander that I like to mat. I had a couple of go outs there on the standard which was fun, it was about head height.

There was a good body surfing wave there as well, these were taken from the hand board camera.

After a few days we hired a car and went to lots of different beaches and surfed a variety of different waves, all just great fun on the mat. We found a good beachy where we could take turns matting, taking photos and minding our daughter.

Here's Michelle on the Lotus.

I mainly rode the Standard, however these next shots are of the Lotus.

This place was firing for the airmat.

To Be Continued.......



Unknown said...

Hey Bretto,
I left my XL custom & Lotus in a taxi in Bali . Did you find them ? My third mat , a Omni was shredded on an outer island reef . Worth every dollar !

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I'll have a look for you next time. They are probably still at the taxi depot !!!!