Oct 4, 2015

From Jonathan ...

Hi Paul,

I know this is REALLY pushing "mat" content, but this headline at least caught my eye!

I hope all is well with you. I've got another work/play trip coming to Raglan (for six months starting in late November), and am looking forward to the fun surf. Also going to bring a Liddle, which I haven't really had a chance to surf frontside in good point surf, so that will be neat.

If you still have them, I'd love to bring some of those wristbands to hand out -- always get a lot of interest there on the "lilo".

Best wishes,

“I designed something that could solve the problems I face when I go to the beach: My phone runs out of battery, water warms up in bottles, I can’t relax because mattresses cause back pain,” the 23-year-old inventor Antoine Sayah said. 

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tuskedbeast said...

The comment under the article is priceless:

This thing is irritating. How can another trivial piece of plastic junk make a “positive impact on the environment”? These obnoxious pieces of trash will soon end up in the landfill and keep on choking and killing the birds and other creatures for thousands of years.

That is, if there should be any life left on the planet after this overpowering tsunami of stupid, worthless junk, invented to indulge so many infantile, hypocritical, ignorant humans, has finally destroyed the place.

This thing is contemptible. Put an insulated bag into a mattress. I guess that is what a “thermal cooler” is, just an insulated bag. A stupid, pretentious name for what we call a cooler. Which doesn’t cool anything. But try to find an explanation of it on the guy’s website or anywhere else, including this article.

How is this better than keeping the cooler separate? The whole rig in two parts wouldn’t weigh any more than it does in one, and it would be easier to stow. What if you didn’t want to carry a cold drink? It would be more convenient if you could leave the cooler behind. Or if you just wanted to use the cooler.

Throw in a little solar panel and you have set your hook deep into the metastasizing horde of mindless smartphone addicts. Who needs a smartphone anyway, especially at the beach? What if you watched the ocean instead of checking your messages every two minutes? Talked to someone nearby instead of reading some words on a little screen? Stupidity squared.

Guess what? People are calling this guy a genius. They can't wait to buy one. Pathetic.