Sep 29, 2015

From Bob ...

Hi Paul,

Frankie Ford passed away.  He was a big influence on my musical taste.  In this video, he is appropriately riding a cousin of the surfmat.
Last Sunday, I walked in front of the judges at the Pismo Beach surf contest after some fun waves south of the pier.  They acknowledged the old school mat over the PA system, mentioned George Greenough, and suggested a mat division in next year's contest.  I gave them thumbs up to all three.

Bob (Mat Man)


tuskedbeast said...

I did a double take when I followed the link to your music and saw The Canaligators in your past. I was too young to have gone to your gigs (I'm 52), but I lived in Venice in the 70s and saw your flyers all the time. I think it was the first time I really got a double entendre.

Best wishes-

Bob Liepman said...

I believe half the telephone poles in Venice are standing because of Canaligator posters and the heavy duty staples we used. The name Canaligators was handed to us when we played a Canal Festival party and the host threw out one of the participants. When asked why, he replied, "He's not a Canaligator."