Sep 14, 2018

From Cher and Steve

Hi, Paul,

Here is a clip that we captured of Captain Dave on a fun left! We hope that you enjoy it! Whoo hoo!
He’s ripping!

The last couple of weeks, we’ve enjoyed fun swell mixes, surfing daily. We love our 4GF mats!
Thank you, Paul. We’re riding, thinking of you.

Yesterday, I had a mind blowing set wave. After a steep takeoff and turn, I pulled up into the curl, doing down the line. A bit later, the lip hit me and knocked my mat out from under me. I ended up with my hands on the mat like a hand plane, and my body planning higher across the wall. The feeling was amazing! This was a fast, long, curling right all the way to the beach. If I’d tried to pull my mat back underneath me, I may have lost the line and not made the wave, so I went with it! So stoked, such an other worldly experience to navigate the spinning trim like that for so long.

Take good care. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Cher and Steve

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