Oct 24, 2018

From Surfermag.com

Surfer Mag has come up with a list of "mysto surfer brands," with this definition...

"There are a few categories of what I'm calling a mysto surfer here, but really is just a non-traditional shredder. A surfer who's a little different, dances to the beat of their own drum, but who rips super hard. Weird kooks don't really count. Like, you see this surfer take off on a wave and start their own brand of schralping, just see them jog to the water board in hand, and know they're on a whole different, weird level of good surfing."

The author then goes on with a litany of potential categories... 

-- Ripper guy riding really big thruster who just kills it

-- Tom Curren

-- The Last High Performance Longboard Shredder

-- Big fat dude on modern shortboard throwing massive hacks

-- Devon Howard

-- Older woman who's maybe the best log rider you've ever seen

-- Dude bodysurfing double-overhead beachbreak

-- Helmet-wearing Santa Barbara tubehound

-- Dude who wears a hooded wetsuit all-year long, no matter what, never talks to anyone, shreds so hard.

Mat surfers didn't make the cut. I guess that's not surprising. But by 2018, you'd think we'd at least make it out of the "weird kook" minor leagues and into "brand" status.

At least they opted in with a women's category. Props for that...


Anonymous said...

Never heard mysto before. Your definition would vary based on your locale, but that list is just dumb. Overweight guy who shreds is a category? It's kind of a fun concept, though. Round here, I can only think of three - finless boards, mats, swimmers without fins or wetsuits.

ps- happy the comments are working again.

Anonymous said...

Mat Surfing

Geoffrey Levens said...

I'd love to see the video of how the guy in the photo got there and what happened next!

Totally agree w/ Dan above as to what real "mysto" surfing is. Got to add bodysurfing and handplanes I think. Basically the most alt.fringes

cherlita said...

The categories need updating. Come on SURFER!
:) Haha!

Stay stoked!