Apr 23, 2019

From Nolan


Hi Paul,

Here's some shots Jimmy Wilson took of our trip to the Waco wave pool. It was about 3 weeks ago. We (Vans) rented it for a private event. Alex Knost, Dylan Graves, Tanner Gudauskas all came along. I brought my Fatty.

The wave is really fun, you take off on kind of a mush ball, set your line, and it just throws a barrel over you. Short waves, but super fun.

Dylan was so pumped, he bought a mat from you after the trip when we were on our way to the airport!



Anonymous said...

So good!

chad stickney said...

so cool thanks for sharing!!!!!

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeewwwwww! Awesome!

thekraftpack said...

So rad. Videos?

tuskedbeast said...

Mixed feelings here- stoke for the rider, stoked to have it shared here (a first! Milestone!), the usual insert-yourself-there photograph mindgames.

As an ocean/nature worshiper, wave pools are Orwellian to me. I think of the flesh-eating virus that spawned, temporarily, at this place. That seemed appropriate.

Dream like images. Especially the night shot. Bad soy milk. Mutant architecture. Sparks run up the fuse, wave explodes!

Still- wow, good on you. Brother! You were first. We are there.

Paul Gross said...

I knew that, a) at least one cynical bastard would comment here. And, b) it would probably be Tusked Beast!


But seriously, all I can think about when I see pool waves is how quick and easy it would be to sort out a new mat design...assuming we had unlimited use of a pool, and it was running 24/7. And...assuming the wave felt enough like an ocean wave to be relevant.

Geoffrey Levens said...

As PG said about sorting new mat design, I had a related experience learning to ride my first mat. After well over a year of struggling in random, pounding, freezing beach break in NorCal I got to spend a couple weeks in deep Mexico. Got endless days of warm water perfect point waves, about the size of those in the photos, and not at all crowded. Pick your wave and go 100-150 yards. Repeat as often as can paddle back out. Did not take long at all to figure out a whole lot of riding skills. Really jumped my ability level up a lot in a hurry. OT so I won't bore you with the food...Oh, the food!!!!