Dec 15, 2019

From Lou

For an OS trip...
Standard...worn in 'N weather beaten.
Lotus..still waiting to get worn in 'N weather beaten.
Half way through a 2 month trip...
I haven't had any epic waves, best has been say 3 to 5ft...but most of the time..1 to 3ft..but pretty well have had this beachie to myself..left hand sand bank in the mornings high tide super clean..lulls but 
Mate, at this stage of the game..i am like a pig in shit with my snout well n truly in the trough..kinda off season  here and the local crew must have it pretty good through out the peak season and leaving the small stuff i am super stoked...
Mats are going well..mainly mixing it up between the XL..with low and the Std n a month to go..great getting out of Gold Coast Pre Xmas onshore slop..
I trust you are well and Xmas orders firing up.
Life's Good.
Take it easy.
 Local Fisherman/Divers...use these bamboo rafts to paddle out ...actually seen them ride a wave in on there way back from diving with their catch...😎


tuskedbeast said...

Thanks for sharing, love the waves and the non-waves.
I want out of here.... :)

Anonymous said...

Always good to be able to get away from time to time..recharge
Bit of Xmas cheer.��