May 9, 2021

From Willow


Want to thank you ALL for the wonderful kind words and beautiful pictures you all shared of my dear Son Rob. His crossing has brought many dark days to my door, as his Mother, I sorely miss my only Son. Your kind words of him and joy you all shared on this blog, has brought me tears of joy on this Mother's Day. 

May you all be blessed by Robs love and joy. When he was on his mat, life was beautiful for him. May it be so, for all of your beautiful souls. Paul and Chris, sadly, never got the opportunity to meet you, know your love and kindness meant so much to Rob. He was blessed to have you in his life. We were all blessed to have Rob in our lives. Thank you again Fourth Gear Flyers. Keep flying.��



KingWaka said...

Beautiful Words Mum ! Vale Rob and may you meet up with Eric and Co and share a few on the other side!

Anonymous said...

I sure miss Rob's enthusiasm. it reminded me of why I surf and mat. He affected many people in a positive way, the true measure of one's reason for being in this life. He had a good soul.