Dec 30, 2009

Maui Matt Matting Malibu

Hi Paul,

I was visiting my folks in LA and found a great niche for matting. High tide inside Malibu is custom made for matting. Easy to keep riding in the barrel until all the water drains from the bottom! (By the way, the lifeguards didn't hassle me, maybe because it was winter?)

Photos by Rob Mitchell.


:) Matt


GRAYMAN said...

Can't believe the "lifeguard hassle".

Iconic a spot as it may be, I can't imagine I'd even look at it with crowds and arsehole lifeguards.

Great pics though


Pahl Dixon said...

YES! Gotta love dry sand barrels. I really miss that sort of thing. The Malibu region has some good shorepound tubes, especially South Zuma in summertime. Those were the days...

charliep said...

isn't it funny the lifeguards kick the matt riders out but not the stand up paddleboarders