Dec 13, 2009



Click here for the new site...

...and here for the t-shirt page!

And here for a deal on a quiver of mats! (Go to lower right.)



Paul Gross said...

The new 4GF home page is up! :)



GRAYMAN said...

New site looks the business Paul.



H.P. Hovercraft said...

Beautiful website thanks Paul!

Pahl Dixon said...

Hi PG,

I've been going very successfully with the three mat quiver idea. The XL really glides on 0'-2' waves. Hybrid Fatty can carve all over 2' to 4' faces. Hybrid Standard tracks fast and accurately in 4' and up until I get too scared to surf.

Still going with the 135, 90, 45 degree bends respectively (when cooled to water temperature).

Lots of people are commenting on speed and agility. I'm enjoying the simplicity and safety. Have been able to hang on through some solid cleanup sets.

I reckon that the Fatty is the most fun because of how well it turns with it's more rounded corners. Also, I fit best on the Fatty because it accommodates my wide shoulders.

All in all, I would say that you've got your lineup of shapes dialed in. And the website is ideal!



Anonymous said...

do they hold in steep hollow sections? I've yet to see any.

Pahl Dixon said...

Matting Steep And Deep

I've been able to successfully negotiate 6'-8' dredging shorebreak suckout takeoffs by taking off early, sliding back, and essentially using a small bit of the inside rear corner of the squeezed or highly inflated mat for traction.

More inflation or massive squeezing is the key to holding an edge in the super steeps. Much more air volume is definitely called for in large juicy beachbreak waves and reef pitchouts.

So yes, big barrels can be tamed, however the learning curve is daunting. This can be overcome by proper use of semi-bodysurfing technique, increased air volume, and stiff flippers with tall side rails (pod PF2s seem to be great in this department).

In summary, mats actually do work in extra-gnarly barrels if one applies full concentration and works out the timing and angles. The keys are: proactive use of proper fins, the right inflation, and willingness to pay some dues while figuring out the best methods.

This can definitely be done, I've been there, and it's a hoot! Plus, just look at ECHOES, GG's ultra-deep in the barrel POV film that was shot largely from the vantage point of airmats!!!


GRAYMAN said...

I was riding tubes on my new XL no probs. I'm 205lb in a winter wettie so it was more od a performance mat given all that.

Lower inflation too (90 degree) so I'm guessing I could go steeper/bigger with higher inflations.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mat Max and Grayman.

Have any pics or video? Would love to see.

GRAYMAN said...

Pahl Dixon said...


GRAYMAN said...

Check out the second to last sentence in Dale's tips here:



Anonymous said...

Thanks again Mat Max and Grayman. That's the best current video I've seen that is really decent. Greenough stuff is great and he a great inspiration. I would love to see some more pics or videos of deep tubes on a mat.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I see mat surfing as egoless surfing.

Pahl Dixon said...

Getting photos of really deep mat sessions has been one of those things I wish for that is a long time in materializing (like not yet). It's quite a stretch for the people I know to put in the time to get the shots. Maybe this is how it's meant to be. At least I've got the POV vids in my mind...

Sean said...

The new site looks great!

I have some unique mat footage to contribute to the blog, may I please have an account?


Okemah said...

Congrats Paul!
The new site looks polished, and easy to navigate, too. I'll be persuading my wife to order up some shirts for Xmas!

Hey Anon...check out "JJ's POV Mat Movies" for some barrel action!

Pahl Dixon said...

Hi Sean, and anyone else, email me at and I'll have google send you the invite to post on surfmatters.