Dec 30, 2009

More Grabs From "Jamie Does NZ"

Hi Paul,

Here's the link to my flickr gallery .

I am slowly working through rolls of film and digital images, will email you some soon and let you know when I have updated my online gallery.

The weather closed in today so Jamie and I scored some great little waves just in time. I'm going to forward this email to Jamie also, I hope he is as stoked with the pics as I am!

cheers, Mike C
aka micro


misterdirk said...

Hi micro,

It appears that you know Roger Hall the shaper. I never met up with him in NZ, but he visited here in California (was it sometime in the 90s?) and we examined and talked about my fish quiver in exquisite detail. I was introduced thru my friend Phil in Goleta. Tell him "hi" from Dirk and Phil next time you see him.


R4TH said...

Any truth to the rumor that a beard is an essential accessory for matting?

Jamie said...

It keeps the chin rash down when you ride with the rubber grit, and is a bit of padding for the old metal valves to the chin as well. Functional and... fashionable? probably not

Pahl Dixon said...

I tend to find that a day or two without shaving provides useful chin grip on the deck of the mat. Plus it makes me look rougher, which seems to somewhat help with getting cut off less by grommies on bodyboards.

Happy New Year!