Feb 20, 2011

From Denis...

Hi Paul!

Just a few words to say that my (almost) one year old-turned-French Standard mat was the ultimate toy today...

I went surfing a small right looking a lot like some famous Baja right hander and had a really good time surfing my standard, speeding across the sandbar.

A few controlled cover-ups and cutbacks...I'm starting to understand the mat surfing technique...and, even if I remain a stand up surfer aficionado, I can tell you that, today, my shortboard spent more time in the sand waiting for a ride!

There's no cure for surfmat addicts, I guess?

Best wishes,

Les Sables d'Olonne

Follow-up email from Denis...

Hi Paul!

That's right, I'm hooked on mats

I'll try to make a surfmat movie soon with my new Gopro HD cam...as soon as I drop my hooded wetsuit!



GRAYMAN said...

"Standard mat was the ultimate toy today..."

It's the ultimate toy every day!



Anonymous said...

That's right Grayman! ;-)))