Feb 5, 2011

From Mark...

Hi Paul,

Wanted to drop you a line...

Rode the Tracker at a sand bar point today. So much more fun than the beach breaks around here. But it's all relative.

It was interesting answering questions, "Does that have a fin on the bottom?" "Shouldn't you fill that with more air make it harder?" One guy I talked to said he rode mats at Makapu, and paipos in Town as a kid, and hadn't seen any mats in a long time. So of course I gave him the low down on 4th Gear Flyers.

It's also interesting gauging the reactions to people in the lineup. Usually pretty tolerant, probably thinking what is this guy doing? I got some good waves, I believe because people were curious to see what was going to happen.

All in all a great day, fun linking sections, figuring out how to manipulate the mat for the best results.



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