Feb 2, 2011

New Fins, and a Good Session...

Hey Paul, Dan here in Ventura.

Been surfing boards all fall, including an epic big moon night session two weeks ago. Had to be my best Rincon session ever, over a mile of surfing I reckon, on a 7'11 Andreini that was perfect for the overhead conditions.

Viper finally made more V7 fins and I bought some this weekend. Went to the beach tonight with two roundtails, my Vespa and a 9'6 longboard Spence calls the Judge, you know the board.

Low tide, fairly soft, 5' @12 surf and the mat was clearly the call. Surfed sunset through twilight and got some super long rides on the mat...when the longboards out in the water were not really connecting the sections. Definitely my longest mat rides ever and it was super fun, learning to control the tail sides and build a rail to shoot the little sections.

I like the Vipers but my legs are out of shape. I think my calves may be pretty sore tomorrow. The kick is different from the DaFin. Seems like Dafins uses my quads more, and the Vipers my calves more.

Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm still having fun on the gear you make.


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Dave of the Coonties said...

I'm happily using a pair of MS fins, but would like to try the V-7.

A reliable Long Island shop (Atlantic Bodyboards) has only size M. Know of any others (preferably in Florida,where I live)?