Feb 23, 2011

From Regis...


i m regis from france;its a long time i look for a surf mat ,dreaming on greenough video but i was scare to own one ;here in france surfers are a little closed in their mind when you talk about different way to have fun in the water ;but my best friend Max in san diego ride a tracker roundtail and he never be so happy;i m bored about crowded beach ;and i look a mat for the sand beach in les landes;waves are speed with big barrels but far from the car park so nobody go;so i hope the coversion are ok ;5;741 feet and 182;981 livres that for me;i look for the tracker roundtail;do you accept to make me one ;and for how much and how long it take to make one?

thanks for all;

thats my old surf mobile


peter said...

Salut Regis I surfed Les Landes, Capbreton, Estagnots, Bourdaines & up the coast. With my trusty tracker roundtail, good choice for the type of waves, FAST! I will be on the coast again this summer, we should meet & start a French "mat meet"

Anonymous said...

Salut Regis,

I'm a french surfmatter from les Sables d'Olonne. I weigh 72kgs for 176cm and I surf successfully my Standard in our weaker and smaller waves of Vendée.
No matter if it's 1-2ft, if the wave has a little energy, the Standard works.
BUT...as we don't always get punchy little waves, I've ordered a RT Tracker to make a quiver and get a proper mat for regular conditions (ie slow waves with flatter faces in the 3ft range, with also a little onshore on it...).
A plus !