So the Hawaii Dept of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) has recently been enforcing the body surfing only rule at Point Panics on the north side of the Kelwalo channel at Ala Moana. Luckily I've always got my mats packed with me. Paipos and Mats are the only exception to surfing at this spot because there are no fins on them and I've been out almost daily the last several weeks with a nice bump in the south swell.
The Lotus 7 has come in handy with the larger faces, even though my standard is the most used mat I have. The 7 defiantly likes size and flys on the drops and holds on the top turns. With west side swells building, I'm waiting to take it back out to Makaha in bigger surf.

 Thanks Paul, arrived today, and thanks again. I like the nice personal touch putting my name on it!  I always thought that was a cool connection between me, the ocean, and the guy who made the board. Looking forward to some use here in the NW this fall and Hawaii in October.


I really appreciate the personal note - always great to come across
brands / company's with a human touch.

This is my first surf matt and I  excited to try it out in PR on an
upcoming trip


Hey Paul

I wanted to tell you how stoked my kid beau is on his mat.   I haven't seen such a big smile on his face in long time.   Dad this thing flys!!  It just takes off !!! 

So fun thanks a lot great product
In Goleta

It's HERE!!!!
tomorrow, maiden voyage
So stoked, like Xmas morning,
was napping heard the jingle of mailman keys ...coulda been Santa from the girlish squeals I let out when I saw the box.
Big THANKS, much respect and love,

that shinkle guy
Hi Paul
Thanks so much for the mat! I tried it yesterday and it’s going to take a little of a learning curve from me but the rides are  awesome! So fast!
I have a “newbie” question. Is the rough black material the deck and the smooth blue material the bottom? I surfed it that way yesterday.
Thanks again Paul!!
Yuppers,  OB SD 2-3' windblown sunny afternoon
Caught about 10 waves, and got some open runs
Some stoke for sure...smiles for miles
Also,  as ya probably hear a bit, DEF got some things to work on too!
BUT I enjoy learning, so WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Going out later, check it out around Windandsea
Will report my findings...