Mar 9, 2016

From Jeremy ...

Hi Paul,

Hope this finds you well. Glad the ground is getting saturated with rain in California and the waves are pumping.

Yes I am back in New York.

It was nice to meet you and Dirk.. I forgot the other gentleman's name from Oregon. Very thankful to have had the opportunity to chase waves in the company of you at Refugio. What a treat...4 surf mats in the ocean.

I like what you mentioned 'non peak mats.' This weekend in Montauk the yellow neumatic was in the zone of focused speed.

Another idea I have been pondering is a surf mat meet in Montauk. This could be fun too with warmer water.

The other day I was talking with Dirk about the Omni and the Lotus. I d like to order a low volume 4GF.  A surf mat for walled waves.


(Mister Dirk at play at Refugio...)

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misterdirk said...

Jeremy timed his visit perfectly, to meet people and get good surf. All the mat points were firing!