Mar 28, 2016

From Peter ...

Hi Paul,

In between rainstorms my wife and I do some pretty easy 10-20 milers on the weekends before traffic heats up. We ride up the coast and do a little circuit around the lower part of Wilder Ranch. Side streets, pathways, trails. I'm 67 now and  I don't want any broken bones at this point, so speed and sharing the road are low on my list. 

My wife Patricia is amping up for her 15th straight Cinderella Ride (2500 women, 60+ miles) in the East Bay. Last year after her foot surgery she rode it to the first rest stop and then stopped. She earned her badge and went back to recovering. I've been enjoying a 1977-9? MCS threebar single speed for my rides - built in speed governor and the bmx brakes that are bad enough for me to keep it mellow. Steiny persuaded me to get this bike (with all original parts that I’ve saved of course) at his buddys garage sale. 

Giro put on a cross/mountain bike event in the Sierras called Grinduro. Patricia  and I went up there as volunteers. Everybody had a really great time-kind of a Woodstock moment.
Was matting and board riding pretty strong up until November or so. Had good days a Sewer Peak and some solo days at Rockview. Surfed  perfect 2-4’ Sharks Cove one magic Saturday morning for over three hours with an exceptionally polite married couple on standups, a girl riding whitewater on the inside, myself, and one other person - we couldn’t believe it!. Wave after wave after wave in full view of the teeming masses on the cliff and at the Hook! Fantastic! After each set we’d all look at each other and laugh. 

On another late summer day, Wingnut was out at the same place with a google client and he kept looking at the board you shaped. He asked who made it and assured me that he thought it was a very nice board. In general, it’s been pumping here too.

  This is what I like about Four Mile

 Since December, I’ve been down with a very tenacious cold, along with what has recently been decided on as the onset of gerd. Back to eating aryurvedic. So most of my time has been mucking around in a little studio I have.
Below is a view of the palms on the east side of the campground at Refugio. The original is about 3” tall. Done at the same time as the other view. 

 And here’s a place you may know…

 That’s it. Thanks for your great stuff.


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harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Whoa! Great scene report! That bike is perfect