Mar 26, 2016

From Jeff ...


Hey Paul,

Great meeting you and Dirk last Monday, and Thanks for getting the mat out to me so fast. Returned home yesterday and it was here already.

Can't wait to get the TRT back in the water, but the Omni SS was super rad this past week.  Surfed small day at Sandspit (see photos) and then an epic small day closer to Pt, Conception on Friday.  As you can see from the pics, we happened upon perfect mat conditions at a rare sandbar on a private beach. Second wave yielded a long tube section, which the Omni slid through without a hitch.

As the west swell faded, we were stoked to ride small south swell waves like that all afternoon. Truly a treat for a North Coast mat surfer, and I am looking forward to coming down again this summer.

Hope you dig the pictures,

Jeff G

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