Mar 25, 2016

Hola From Germany ...


Hola Paul,

Here you have two pics of my matting-novice daughter from four blissful days last week at a prominent and very consistent left break in Mex. She enjoyed playing in the shorebreak.

I took out a mat on two days, had a few great waves but then went astray, I must admit.

The chinrash hurt and the long paddle back (less perfect waves per time-unit) and "navigating the crowd" became a bit arduous.

We saw Corky Carrol (whom I did not recognize) on a sup (!!) - wearing a Barcelona / Messi - soccer-jersey as a rashguard. He didn´t even know who Messi is.

Quote: "Much cheaper than rashguards and messi kinda fit me..."

Weird stuff, fun days.

Hope all is well!

Regards from Germany

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