Feb 11, 2018

Inflatable Surf Craft Patent History, From Sam

Above photo: Out there on a pneumatic Surf-Coaster.


Surf-Coaster (pneumatic). 1916 US patent with drawings. "This invention relates to pleasure devices of the class commonly known as surf coasters for the use of bathers and others at beaches to enable the users to ride the breakers and skim over the surface of the water."

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 Surf-Toboggan (canvas or other suitable fabric). 1918 US patent with drawings.

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Surf Board or Float (pneumatic). 1936 US patent with drawings. Patent lodged in Australia 1932. "Surfoplane" trade mark accepted in Australia, 1933. Originally handmade but soon mass produced.

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There goes over two hours of my time that was meant to be for homework! With thanks for the RT you made and sent me in quick time.


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tuskedbeast said...

WOW, what a sense of timelessness in that patent drawing, and the captioned photo is a new standard... no pun intended. Great procrastination, Sam!