Feb 28, 2018

Oily Goes Rogue



Hey mate, 

Hope all is well across your side of the pond.

Well, as you may have seen on the interweb, there's a place we SCUMMbags have been having a few slides of late in varying conditions. Managed a sneaky day off, and an adventure with the Guru around our glorious country side. We took our boards and mats and ended going ''hard'' and riding the kneeboards...but we both said after would have been a blast on the 4GF’s. But hey hindsight  is a wonderful thing...hahaha! 

Anyways here's a couple of pics from the early morning adventure to an old timber milling town not far off the beaten track, and a pre-dawn raid out at Gilligans Island, and a short movie of the kneeboard session out at Gilligans.
Cheers mate, may the fourth be with you always…


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Dr. Lang said...

That second photo is just not fair!