Apr 22, 2018

From Cher

Photos Sarah Lee - Axxe Classic

G’Day, Paul,

We hope that our email finds you well.
The Lotus arrived today, and we are super stoked to slide with her!

All smiles here! 

Today 4-20-18 is Tracker's 5th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Tracker! 
Your inscription says:  “For Cher • 4th Gear Flyer Tracker Roundtail • Hot Wax Deck 2.0 • 4-20-13 • P.G."

Steve and I enjoyed a fun surf session today in small, clean reef waves. 

I’m thankful to enjoy riding the Tracker RT in a wide range of conditions from tiny to big swells, here in San Diego, and in San Clemente, Santa Barbara, Oahu and Australia. The Tracker handles minus low tide drainers, and flies fast through sections! Dynamic wind swell mixes are a blast with Omni too! 

When we went to Australia in 2016, Steve took his Lotus and I brought the Tracker. We had a lot of fun in northern NSW, surfing all kinds of conditions. Cherished memories with friends.

In honor of Tracker's Birthday, here are a few recent photos taken by our talented friend Sarah Lee and Axxe Classic. We hope that you enjoy the photos.

Thank you Paul for all the Joy you share with us with your 4th Gear Flyers!

Cher and Steve


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

This makes me happy. Thank you both

cherlita said...

Aloha, Steiny, thank you for your kind note, which brings us big smiles.
Aloha, Cher

KingWaka said...

Cowabunga Cher!

cherlita said...

Aloha @KingWaka Thank you, and back to you :)
Big smiles!
Aloha, Cher