Apr 14, 2018

From Anthony


Hi Paul!

I hope you have recovered from surgery and are feeling well.

The surf has picked back up and the waves have been mattastic.  These shots are from Saturday 14th at Rockview. NNW swell at 11ft 15 seconds...so what you are looking at are the inside walled up waves riding my Lotus SS.

My unusual fins are a good for big turns at high speed! Have a good weekend.



tuskedbeast said...

Rippa! You have a heavy cutback thing going! Hope we run into each other in SC sometime. Looks like you like the eastside....

KingWaka said...


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Boy howdy!

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeeewwwwww! Flying! Keep Spreading the Stoke Brother! ASS Salutes you!