Apr 18, 2018

From Rob


A couple from the Family beach trip. Mat Riders are Tristan (the little guy) and Beep! I was able to get Beep into a couple of waves but didn’t get pictures of that (next time). This was Beeps first trip to the Beach so he was Stoking hard when he caught his first waves 😃!

Tristan is now paddling out, and paddling into his own Waves! I couldn’t be more Stoked or Proud, seeing him develop his own Love and Fascination for the Ocean!


Super Stoked,
Rob Pollard


KingWaka said...

Yew Rob ! Mini Froth Mat Masters , so good to see!

cherlita said...

Awe! His smile is the best! Thanks for sharing, Rob!
Aloha, Cherlita

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeewwwwww! Thanks for the Love Family!