Apr 20, 2018

From Oily


Hey Paul… hope your felling better, and well on the mend.

We’ve been lucky of late with some nice ground swells rolling on in just in time for our weekend slide at our fav mat wave Gilligans…  And as i was feeling a bit off-colour  last Friday and decided that i needed to be cleansed by way of total emersion and what better way to achieve but whilst enjoying some mat time with your mates. 

Friday coincidently was also Adam’s RDO and we met up at another of Neal's favourite haunts. 

A couple of happy snaps of Neal and a quick video of that morning.. And also some high speed 4th gear flyer fun at Gillignas..
Looking forward to seeing what Huey delivers for the winter swell season..

Fridays session with Neal..       

And some good size speed runs on the Omni..   
Be safe happy and healthy mate..


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Dr. Lang said...

Incredible. Will my room be ready?