Apr 25, 2018

From Rob


So this happened yesterday, and I was losing my mind trying not to run to my van to get the Omni. I only swam due to my back injury, but I still aggravated my back a little swimming. I lost myself for an afternoon in the Ocean, and it was the best I’ve felt since I’ve stopped to rest. Just to be in the Ocean again was a Magical Experience! 
Thank God for photography, I don’t know how well I would do if I couldn’t stay immersed in and connected to the Ocean. Stay Stoked!

I had a Chiro appt this morning and he said I’m still making progress but will need more work. I called to ask them about the swim yesterday and the whole office listened to the message. I was Frothing like a Grom hooting and stammering into the answer machine as I watched these Dreamy lines filter in. They where all laughing about the message this morning and asked if I had pictures. I showed them the water shots and they where all digging them. Pretty Stoked on that! 

I can’t wait to surf the Omni again! These waves where sooooo Beautiful! 

Positive Vibes and Healing Energy, Much Love from Florida!

Super Stoked,


KingWaka said...

Hang in there Rob! use your mind to get around the back pain and relax the muscles , the power of froth will help heaps as well!
SCUMM salutes You!

misterdirk said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome images. Hope your back feels better soon Rob!

Rob Pollard said...

Thanks for the Support! I’m hanging in there 🤙🏼 and getting better slowly but surely. Keep Spreading the Stoke and catch some waves for me!