Jul 5, 2009

More Confirmation

"Riding a surf mat is unlike any other form of wave riding It’s a hard thing to do. Few others do it, Most who do have mats are open minded, experienced wave riders with lots of years of surfing behind them. For people like this surf mats are in many ways a chance to restart the circle. Also it’s hard to beat a 16 or 18 ounce inflatable surf craft which takes up less space than a tennis racket. You don’t need a monstrous vehicle to get you places, airlines can’t charge you a damn thing to take it aboard, you can get two state-of-art mats for the price of one surfboard..."


Bagofwind said...
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Pahl Dixon said...

Sure Neil, we just need an e-address to send the invite for you to sign up with blogger to author posts.

gary said...

cool pic

do you know what kind their mats and fins are?


nathanoj said...

When this photo first appeared I'd say Neumatics and UDTs.

Unknown said...

that is correct

pranaglider said...

I have always loved this shot because of the clear water. That and you can't quite see what's up ahead but I get a feeling it's good!

Unknown said...

it's a great shot
gg is about to enter a walled up section for a speed burst
with bottom turning up into gg track
to also make the section

Jamie said...

Hey Warren
Was just in your neck of the woods today(Sunday).
Noisy Ocean really lived up to it's name. A bit too much swell to be any good and N wind this arv killed any chance. Did you get out anywhere? Maybe catch you sometime

Unknown said...

sorry to miss you jamie
i am away at the moment