Feb 7, 2010

Fresh Mat Vids from Max, Jeff and Neil...

...on an island in the Pacific which dare not speak its name! (Neil, riding with in the white hat, is enjoying only his second go out ever!!!)

Here and/or Here!

(While you're there, check out "JAMagicFilms" other vids...some neat stuff!)


Okemah said...

Looks fun! A great example of how mats are so fast through the crumbly stuff. Dig the speed maintained through the flats as the wave comes to a close. Looks like a thin crowd too!

Paul Gross said...

Yeah, this is special footage. Real life surfers riding real life waves on mats. And, not heavily edited or shot so close up you can't tell what the entire wave is doing.

Love the whale spouting at :16 on Vid #1, and the great ride at 4:52 in the second vid...one of the best mat rides I've ever seen on tape. Max has the spot completely wired, and uses every single ounce the wave has to offer.

Matt said...

Yeah, perfect utilization, love the mushy right, maintaining speed,connecting, then making it through the bouldery shallow left!

GRAYMAN said...

That's great! Some good sized waves there fellas.

Top work. Posted it on the UK site too. Jope that's cool.