Feb 14, 2010

"I Know What You Did Last Sunday!"

Deets would be rolling over in his grave if he was dead...which he isn't!

A new pair of UDT's, a grinder, and a 2 hour delay in the Daytona 500 yielded the above fins.

I took more off the bottom side than the top, so the somewhat taller ribs on the top would help stabilize the fins when down-kicking. The bend is the same as the old Duck Foot in photo #2, but a bit stiffer. I may loosen it up some more as time goes on.

The rubber in these fins is unreal. Very lively!

34.8 ounces per fin, finished. I forgot to weigh them before I started...


Jamie just sent these shots of his current UDTs. Still a work in progress...


I will probably slowly whittle down the outer spines, and keep thinning the blade in the center, but left the outer spine length basically fully-intact. Stoked to see what you do with yours.



R4TH said...

PG-liking the downkick stable theory with leaving more rail on the top-may explore this...I hear the off cuts make good bookmarks too "somebody's had too much to think"

Paul Gross said...

I put my latest cutoffs in a place where I wouldn't lose them...and now, less than 24 hours later, I can't find them!

The "stable down kick" thing cam about when I trimmed a pair of duckfeet top and botom, to the point where there were no ribs left in the last third of the blades. When I kicked them, they would wander side to side under load.

Since then, I concentrate on grinding the bottom half as much as possible.