Feb 22, 2010

Multi-Generational Mat Madness!

Mat Max's parents have been sliding waves on 4th Gear Flyers in deliciously warm waters on New Zealand's East Coast.

Mom Max says, "So fabulously fun! This is last year's photo. No one was clicking away at our rides this year!"


Jamie said...

Wish we could have made it down to Gis to have a surf with you guys. Got sidetracked when the van broke down, but thanks heaps for the offer of hospitality. Will definitely take you up on it next time!
Happy Matting,
Jamie and Tatum

Mike C said...

mat max you rock and your parents cranking on mats rocks even more, NZ representing the matting world !, yeho, catching up with jamie in AU very soon, the mat is slowly taking over the world, YEW, mike c

Pahl Dixon said...

They once called them lilos all around the Commonwealth. I grew up on air mats in the '60s thanks to Mom and Dad in Malibu. When I first saw a nylon mat in '84, I knew it was for me, and have carried on ever since. No one besides my parents and I are onto matting in Gisborne so far. This will probably change.

The main thing is that a world matting community is emerging, and egoless surfing on soft and exotic personal hovercraft is going on, so that's where it's now at.

Years ago a few Malibu matters who bought 4th Gear Flyers and I would go out and play surfmat bumper cars. This is still a peak memory. Plus I got to go matting a handful of times with PG, and once with GG, wich are more ego-free high points of this life. Plus, knowing Gloria and PG, and riding a long succession of 4GFs, has been such a wonderful blessing for my soul!!! Thank you dearly!

And now I'm the guy on a mat in Hawaii who gets comments galore of a positive nature. So yeah, we owe it to each other to meet up and share some waves on air mats. I'm keen, and will definitely step up, situation willing. The UK matters are a terrific example. When I get back down under I'll definitely seek out micro and Tatum and Jamie and Paul and Steve the postie and GG et al. Guess what? We really are the low-key way of the future...

Cheers Mates,


misterdirk said...

"Egoless surfing...on personal hovercraft." I love it!

Earlier this season I tried to get my dad out with me on a Large, but he wasn't too keen at this stage of life. He was a lifeguard when I was a sprout, and we spent plenty of time in the waves together, but he's passed the baton, and now I'm doing it with my own son instead. Nothing more fun than bumping rails on a wave with your kid, grinning ear-to-ear, and yipping like coyotes!