Mar 16, 2011

Greetings from Umm Suqeim..

Hi Paul,

As a counterpoint to French hippie-bliss, I'm sending you a pic of a new place you can tick off on the map.

It's choppy windswell only here...but with a nice size, warm water and smiling expat 'locals'. What a great afternoon!




LESider said...

I'm actually planning a trip there later this year, I'll be packing a mat with me for sure.

Growling Gecko said...

Great image. A surf mat and pair of fins clearly not something that the marketers of that Dubai hotel had thought of to draw tourists! Long may they rue their lack of creative foresight!

GRAYMAN said...

Germatmeet 1

Anonymous said...

LES: Summer should be super-humid and hot and rather flat on the gulf side.
Check out "JBR beach" for surfing, too.

R: They just have a different kind of "creative", I guess.

G: Nope - have at least two "documented" here.
Maybe we can get Euromatmeet 1 going at a place like Peniche some day, though. (I´ll go to your forum about that)

Tom from the Rhine, just working out out of Munich...