Mar 26, 2011

The Puerto Rican Terrier Surfed with Surfing Lab Today!

Hi Paul,

Got to meet Dave and his wife Lisa today, my wife and I met with them at La 8 beach in San Juan. Dave got to surf his Vespa for the first time, it was his first matting experience right out of the plane! I surfed my trustworthy Fatty and gave Dave a few tips. Dave told me that back home the temp was 28 degrees, here in PR it was around 88 all day. Waves were small but it was fun.

Afterwards I took them out of the city and into the north shore country to Los Tubos beach, waves were better there. Offshore winds, clear blue ocean, the reef could easily be seen, fish jumping out of the water and a very beautiful orange sunset reflected on the golden sand. Afterwards we ate some 6 oz marlin nuggets and drank a couple of Medallas. Finally we sent them off to Rincón via highway 22. Lisa took some photos today so I guess that they will have plenty to post on surfmatters. Waves will be small for the weekend and the beginning of next week but then we might get a strong cold front by the middle or end of next week. I will keep you posted.

Antonio (the puerto rican terrier)

By the way Frencho's Fatty and my Standard and UDT arrived with no problem, the UDT is huuugee!!!

Thanks again Paul and may you have lots of peace, joy and happiness!

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