Mar 13, 2011

Regis From France...

this regis from france:

i receved the mats last week ;perfect ,i just wait to be far from my 4cats who used to play with every things ;now i just need time and sun;i feel like a kid waiting christmas.

im just the pilot of my flying surf mobile;i ve just croos 4angels who make this chef d oeuvre ,amy smith ,melissa anna and leilani ;thanks for all :i hope to send you photos off a good surf day;

have fun;



Anonymous said...

Ah - Des hippies, ou non?!
Mais, ca n´a rien a faire avec etre !hip', ne c´est pas?!
(Sorry can´t find the right French keys on this keyboard)
AND in a big way I´m just envious of the cars, the dog, the surfcraft and and the vibe.

Anonymous said...

I have an interview for a new corporate type job this week .. when they ask .. where do you see yourself in five years? .. I will just hand them your bus pic..

Anonymous said...


think I forgot to ID myself in my post .. 'corp interview..'

David from Philadelphia

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Fun post! love the girls painting their auto, too. . .

misterdirk said...

The tires on the van are maybe a little over-inflated, no?